Fun Diving

The tropical island of Koh kood is an excellent base for both scuba diving (Fun Diving) and snorkeling trips To all the best dive destinations around koh kood  and koh Rang and koh chang wreck

Dive site around Koh Kood

For those of you who are already certified divers. Koh Kood has an exciting variety of marine life and many dive sites just waiting for you to explore. Our experienced dive guides or instructors are ready to take you around and share their knowledge of the local aquatic life of Koh Kood. You will be taken to some of the best diving in the area and experience the beautiful wonders of our waters.

Koh Kood has a number of sheltered sandy bays which offer perfect depth and conditions for new divers. While more advance divers can visit our deeper Dive Sites located further off shore.

The reef life is varied with a multitude of beautiful corals, supporting a variety of tropical fish. Examples of  hard branching corals, sponges, anemones. The marine life includes a healthy population of all the typical reef fish found in the gulf of Thailand; Angel Fish, Butterfly Fish, different Nudibranch, Scorpion Fish, Lionfish, Moral Eels and a number of different species of ray. Seahorses are common in our waters

We are pretty laid back here at Koh Kood divers So generally speaking our boat will only go out once a day. We try to deliver relaxed and long dives, with small groups of max 4 as standard. Dive times are usually around 1 hour depending on air consumption – so breathe slow!

The waters around Koh Kood make for perfect tropical Fun Diving. There is usually little or no current and the water temperature averages around 30 degrees throughout the year, dipping to 26 degrees in the monsoon season.


A Scuba Review is a good idea for anyone who has not been diving for 8 months or more. And has less than 40 logged dives – Or anyone who feels they need a refresher before jumping back in the deep end.

One of our dive professionals will spend about 30 min reminding you of some of the dive theory you learnt in your Open Water Course. We will talk a little about air spaces, equalizing, equipment and Dive Procedures. We will then set equipment up together, make a buddy check and then giant stride into the water. This will provide a perfect opportunity for you to become relaxed and comfortable in the water again.

We will start in shallow water with a few basic skills. Then move to slightly deeper water where you can practice and have fun with some buoyancy skills. Usually there is then still time for a 45+ minute dive. During which you can continue working on your air conservation and buoyancy skills. And to check out some of the local marine life of Koh Kood.

Once you have done your scuba tune-up you will be relaxed and confident enough to continue the adventure of diving and you’ll be ready to enjoy some for more fun dives with us!

Scuba Review Price : 2,000 THB plus 1,500 THB for additional dives.